Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Same street, 2 municipalities, different intersection experiences

One priority for the Active Transportation Advisory Committee is addressing the gap in cycling routes between (north) Oak Bay and Victoria by creating an east-west bikeway that connects with the greenway priority route on Haultain Road in the City of Victoria. Two issues need to be addressed to make this corridor a reality: lack of signage and crossing safety. 

Here are three examples of intersections that cyclists travelling west from Oak Bay towards Victoria on Haultain Street, experience. This is the corridor that cyclists would potentially use to access Royal Jubilee Hospital, St. Patrick's Elementary School, Victoria High School, downtown Victoria, and the Galloping Good Regional trail.
Crossing #1: Haultain Road at Foul Bay, with a pedestrian activated warning beacon. 

Crossing #1: Haultain Road at Foul Bay, no warning system or enhanced treatment for cyclists

Crossing #2: Haultain Road at Richmond, no signal or warning beacons but traffic calming barrier causes motorists to slow down considerably making the crossing for cyclists and pedestrians safer. 

Crossing #3: Haultain Road at Shelbourne Street, signalized intersection with bicycle loop detectors and pedestrian push buttons. 

The CRD Draft Working Paper No. 3 - Bicycle Strategy Report (2002)http://www.crd.bc.ca/reports/regionalplanning_/generalreports_/transportation_/cycling_/archivebackgroundinf_/3bicyclestrategy/3bicyclestrategy.pdf identifies the crossing at Haultain and Foul Bay Road as one of several key intersections that needs improvement. It is easy to see why.

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