Sunday, 17 June 2012

Secret Passageways of Oak Bay

Did you know there are a couple of dozen unmarked, mostly paved pathways throughout Oak Bay? These pathways link to destination areas such as Mt. Tolmie (3), Camosun College, UVic, the Uplands, beaches and neighbouring streets. 

Secrets of the city: Brighton passageway
Unlike the Oak Bay Trails map, which mainly suggests walking routes on typical streets, the Secret Passageways of Oak Bay are for walkers, cyclists, wheelchair users and other non-vehicular travelers looking for real trails and paths – ones that take you on rambles and shortcuts and provide additional views of our community. 

The passageways are located throughout Oak Bay—from the north Henderson area, the Uplands, Estevan area, around the Oak Bay High School and Rec Centres, and throughout south Oak Bay.   

But do they really need to be so secret? Some of these public accesses even look like private driveways. Do you support adding signage to mark these public passageways?

Know of any that we’ve missed? If you have photos of additional secret trails in Oak Bay, email and we’ll update the photo gallery.

- Lesley Ewing

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  1. Wonderful photos. The idea of secret passageways is kind of fun - but really annoying if you don't know where they are! Signs would help for those that are the most hidden.