Thursday, 14 June 2012

Urban bushwhacking not required

There is more to our built environment than streets. There are also sidewalks and pathways—both highly important in the efforts to making our urban areas accessible and inclusive. (Vancouver comes to mind in their efforts to reduce barriers to walking as part of their overall strategy of creating alternate transportation options.)

Take a look at this view of Elgin Street in Oak Bay. Between the overgrown bushes and telephone poles, half the sidewalk is missing. Pedestrians and anyone pushing a stroller or using a walker or scooter would have a hard time here. Two people couldn't walk comfortably together; if one was pushing a stroller and the other wasn't, someone would have to step out into the street to pass through this area. 

Machete needed to walk on Elgin Street

Removing barriers that get in the way of people of all ages and mobility is not only important, it is part of making active transportation choices (such as walking) feel safe, convenient, and comfortable. Bushwhacking is not!

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