Monday, 4 June 2012

What if we could do better?

The common perception is that Oak Bay is great the way it is—and therefore has relatively little need for improvement. After all it is a comfortable community to live in, with beaches, parks, pathways, shops, schools and public spaces all within easy reach. Generally speaking, this perception is hard to argue against.

But what if we could improve? What if we could make it so that moving around, across, and through Oak Bay was possible for people of all ages—from eight to 80 years—and of all abilities? What if for example, it were possible to  walk, bike, or push a stroller, all the way from Oak Bay Ave. to UVic along pathways that did not require accessing busy streets? What if the new Oak Bay High School was a hub for north-south and east-west pathways that were wide enough to accommodate a stroller, walker, scooter, or bicycle + trailer? And, what if seniors were able to walk along sidewalks that were wide enough to allow a walker and a pedestrian to pass without one person having to step into the street (a reality in several spots along Foul Bay Road and Oak Bay Ave).

These are some of the ideas that the Active Transportation Advisory Committee has recommended to Oak Bay councillors; ways to make Oak Bay an even better place in which to live—for everyone.

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